Creative Coding Studio

RMIT University(Digital Media)


As part of my role as a Sessional Lecturer at RMIT(Digital Media), I created and iterated on my own open-source Javascript and Processing curriculum for my Creative Coding studio. It was important to me that this series of workshops were ever-evolving to the constantly changing practice of Creative Coding but also were influenced by the students that were taking the classes.

“As the field of Digital Media expands so does the potential of what we can imagine and create as designers. Throughout the semester, we will explore multiple methods of image making as an artistic form, interactive medium and generative system. From patterns to logos, typography to visualisations, we will explore the multitude of ways we can design with code."

Every semester was in direct inspiration to a local exhibition that we’d visit as a cohort. The students were also consulted on their current aspirations and interest areas so that I could adapt the classes to suit their existing practices.

An Example Studio Syllabus

Week 1: Creativity and Computers

Week 2: Expression

Week 3: Mathematics and Art

Week 4: The Early Pioneers

Week 5: Storytelling

Week 6: Sound as a medium

Week 7: Code as performance

Week 8 + 9: A taste of Machine Learning

Week 10: Presentation Checklist

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All curriculum has been written by Mel Huang from her personal inspirations and in collaboration with what was happening in Melbourne at the time.

This curriculum was taught at RMIT University Digital Media in 2018, 2019 and 2020(online during lockdown).


Mel Huang is a Melbourne-based designer and developer for the arts, culture and education sectors 👩‍💻 I code machines to art 💾 I commit the things I make 🤵 I sometimes LinkedIn