Price Per Pixel


Did you know someone paid $450 million for an artwork?

Price per pixel is my particle exploration into the extraordinary wealth at the top end of the art market.

I remember being blown away by how busy the Mona Lisa room was in The Louvre but what also had my jaw on the floor was how small the painting actually was in real life. I don’t think anyone is of the opinion that an artwork’s size has anything to do with its value but I was keen to explore the most expensive paintings sold in the world and translate them into a new currency, PPP; Price Per Pixel.

I wanted to know: How much would one pixel be worth if these masterpieces were digital artefacts?


Built in p5.js


Mel Huang is a Melbourne-based designer and developer for the arts, culture and education sectors 👩‍💻 I code machines to art 💾 I commit the things I make 🤵 I sometimes LinkedIn