Lu Yang


DOKU is the digital reincarnation of the artist Lu Yang. Based on the cycle of Karma in Buddhism, DOKU has six costumes which represent the six divisions of the wheel of Karma: Tenjin Road, Shura Road, Animal Road, Hungry Ghost Road, Hell Road, and Human World.

The hybrid performance work took place both onsite and online featuring contemporary dancers using motion capture technology to perform all six worlds.

As a post-performance experience, we were commissioned to archive the performance with an interactive website where you could rewatch and explore the performance from home.

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Web Design: Mel Huang

Build: Exhibitionist

Performance credits:

Presented by ACMI

Artist: Lu Yang

Motion Capture Performance Program: MetaObjects

Creative Producer: Mat Spisbah

Choreography: Harrison Hall

Dancers: Harrison Hall, Imanuel Dado

Live game environment control: Sam Mcgilp

Hell Scene 3D design: Extreme John

DJ Mix: Cloudy Ku


Mel Huang is a Melbourne-based designer and developer for the arts, culture and education sectors 👩‍💻 I code machines to art 💾 I commit the things I make 🤵 I sometimes LinkedIn