Powerhouse Museum


Located in Sydney, Powerhouse Museum is the largest museum group in Australia. It sits at the intersection of the arts, design, science and technology and plays a critical role in engaging communities with contemporary ideas and issues.

At the dawn of a new age for Powerhouse with Powerhouse Parramatta 2025 on the horizon, the rebrand and website redesign was focused on not only the historical significance of this moment in time but the future aspirations of the organisation as a whole. Focused around concepts of time, data and multiverses, we explored ways to manipulate existing navigational conventions and juxtapositions of history and future.

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Branding: Studio Ongarato

UX/UI Design: In collaboration with Mel Huang, Linked By Air and Powerhouse Museum

Website Build: In collaboration with Exhibitionist and Powerhouse Museum


Mel Huang is a Melbourne-based designer and developer for the arts, culture and education sectors 👩‍💻 I code machines to art 💾 I commit the things I make 🤵 I sometimes LinkedIn